Décember 14


#22 The Fairy Tea Party

The tale by the brothers Grimm does not give a very accurate account of what happened. After they got rid of the witch who wanted to cook them up, Hänsel and Gretel would not be content with just setting home like good little kids, to re-unite with their so-called mourning father and present him with a big bag of gold coins although he had just abandoned them deep within the woods. They actually started out by inviting their chums along for tea. Alice was there, along with the Cheshire Cat and a heap of rabbit relatives. Goldilocks arrived with Little Red Riding Hood. And we, of course, were there to immortalize these good times for you. We also got to taste a great many cakes baked in the witch's top-of-the-line oven, inherited some of her furniture and cosmetics... Ah, good times really.

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Jérôme Dreyfuss... and Little Red Riding Hood

1- Charles, red caviar, python, 1.105€

2- Lucien, calf, 405€

3- Larry, calf, 475€


Jérôme Dreyfuss, Spring-Summer 10 collection

"My, what a gorgeous bag you have!...", said to Little Red Riding Hood her strange, long-toothed grandma. That was too much for the girl, who grabbed her Gégé and left  for a road-trip through the United States.



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1 & 2- Crows, 28€ each

3 & 4- Swedish birdhouses, 65€

5- Egg cup, Rose Van de Velde, 45€ each

At Home Autour du Monde

The birds... A great throng of birds has come. They swarm now, so numerous that their presence is starting to become disquieting. Their wings flap and bang dryly against the panes of the little house. From the chimney, noises filter down; agitated cheepings, and the clacking of beaks against stone, against flesh. A few feathers flit about in the darkened air, while right beneath the windows, a duck, its feathers iridescent with rain, hobbles along towards his pond.



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Cécile de Jaegher's Fairy-Go-Round

Coco Bag, Cécile de Jaegher, about 420€

Spring summer 10 collection

Parrots of many hues, and trapezists hanging from the stars, a carousel with little flags, wooden horses... It's a complete hand-made fairy-go-round by Cécile de Jaegher.



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Magali Jeambrun for Goldilocks

Doilies chairs, a Magali Jeambrun design for ETC Créations

Kit of 4 lace-like doilies, white laminated fiberboard, ready to assemble

Dim.: 83 x 37 x 42 cm (32.5 x 14.5 x 16.5 in)

From 265€

Goldilock's difficulties in securing a chair of the appropriate size are a well-documented fact. It is, however, little known that the one she eventually elected as the cosiest was this strange, ornately perforated piece of furniture, which can be dismantled and reassembled at will. The little bear she stole it from thought it didn't look bare enough anyway.



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Goldilocks and her Ray-Bans

1 to 5- Ray-Ban Cats, 1000, 5000 and 4000, about $130

6- Ray-Ban Craft, about $180

Spring-Summer 10 collection

Goldilocks never leaves her pink Ray-Bans.




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Dior: A Christmas Tale in our Christmas Tale

Christian Dior New Look Holiday 09

Cristal Boréal, crystal gloss jewel adorned with 52 Swarovski crystals, 2 shades: 001 Pure Crystal, 251 Pink Crystal

Call 1-866-503-9490 for price and information

Nail Lacquer, Silver Purple 782, $20

Cristal Boréal Eyeshadow, 012 Pure Silver, 152 Precious Purple (not available in the US)

Slow and soft, from the starry night sky a stork came down and alighted on the chimney top. In its beak it held a small parcel, which it dropped down the pipe. The Dior items that it contained made us all marvel with their shimmering hues and their flashes and glossy sparkles. And it's not easy to have fairytale characters marvel!



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Laura Mercier: Body Desserts

1- Soufflé Sampler Set, Laura Mercier, limited edition Christmas 09, 60€

2- Crème de Pistache line, Laura Mercier, Soufflé Body Crème 63€, Honey Bath 45€, Body Scrub 53€

3- Spiced Roasted Chestnuts candle, Laura Mercier, limited edition Christmas 09, lasts 40 to 50 hours, 57€

Pistachio butter and whipped cream, honey, almond and coconut milk, vanilla and vitamins, the scent of pralin and chestnut: those body care products smelt so appetizing, that in the end we got confused as to what we were supposed to eat or use in the bath. Hänsel got a bit sick, but it was worth it in the end.



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bareMinerals: Sweet Obsessions

bareMinerals eyeshadow, Sweet Obsessions collection, 9 flavors: Cherry Coco Truffle, Berry Flambé, Mint, Crème de Menthe, Berry Custard, Spiced Biscotti, Dark Chocolate, Strawberry Mousse, Lemon Meringue, 39€ a complete set, limited edition excusively available at Sephora's or on www.sephora.com


What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrances
- Synthetic Dyes
- Petro-Chemicals
- Phthalates

The fairy tale atmosphere almost turned sour when the assembly started raiding the make-up cache. With Gretel and Goldilocks it almost came to blows, so hard did both want to try them first. The prospect was tasty indeed: to enjoy the pastry aromas while taking care of one's figure - and health, since the formula is as natural as a herbal concoction.


www. bareescentuals.com



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1- Musical cakes by Anne-Claire Petit, crochet-work, 95€

2- Dessert plate by Les Bonnes Manières

Designed by Onze Dixième, diam. 22 cm, 17,5€

3- Space Cake pouf, Vlaemsch

Designed by Teun Fleskens, diam. 80 x 50 cm, 295€

Our friend Anne-Claire Petit baked the perfect cake for a fairytale reunion; an all-in-one pastry, complete with crochet candles and an integrated music box. Hänsel thought it tasted of wool slightly, but let's be honest here - he is a bit of a killjoy sometimes.

Anyway, the dessert plates looked so pretty and we were so well seated... Little Red Riding Hood declared it was even better than at her grand-mother's, and besides, the wolves are nice in this part of the woods.





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Mibo's Christmas Creatures

1 to 4- Mibo's Christmas Creatures, .pdf £3.5

Also available ready-made

It was bound to happen: the smell of hot cake was overpowering, and attracted every animal in the forest - and beyond. No problem though: in spite of the uncontrollable crowding (which, we may add, is all Mibo's fault: they sell a .pdf that you may replicate as much as you like), we're sure there will be enough raspberry charlotte for all the reindeers, ice cream for all the polar bears, and cheese cake galore to satisfy every little mouse.




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The Christmas Hare and his Rabbits

1- Rabbits at Home Autour du Monde...

Candle sticks, 75€, cushions, 30 x 40 cm, 58€, 65 x 65 cm, 68€

2- Hare pin’s, Sèvres biscuit

Designed by Elise Lefèvre, 45€, Printemps Design

Then, since the hare had come, of course the rabbits did the same; they cannot help aping him. They upset everything, nibbled every cake, chair leg and table corner, brushing by everyone with their soft, soft backs. The winter sun shines on a cloud of ivory fur.


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