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Dior: A Christmas Tale in our Christmas Tale

Christian Dior New Look Holiday 09

Cristal Boréal, crystal gloss jewel adorned with 52 Swarovski crystals, 2 shades: 001 Pure Crystal, 251 Pink Crystal

Call 1-866-503-9490 for price and information

Nail Lacquer, Silver Purple 782, $20

Cristal Boréal Eyeshadow, 012 Pure Silver, 152 Precious Purple (not available in the US)

Slow and soft, from the starry night sky a stork came down and alighted on the chimney top. In its beak it held a small parcel, which it dropped down the pipe. The Dior items that it contained made us all marvel with their shimmering hues and their flashes and glossy sparkles. And it's not easy to have fairytale characters marvel!



Dior: La Vie en Rose Bonbon

1- Dior Addict Lip Glow 001, new balm,  SFP10 formula with wild mango and luffa cylindrica, for protection and hydration, 28€, and Dior Cristal Shine 002 Rose Cristal, limited edition, palette and accessory, with ultra-rich smoothing balm, colored gloss and flat brush, 60 €

2- DiorKiss 851 Strawberry Smoothie, ultra-shiny syrup gloss with fruit taste, 20€, and Dior Vernis 741 Bubble Gum, for a glossy, flashy touch

Bubble gum and a strawberry smoothie... Part kawai, part shocking, that particular aesthetic is NOT restricted to L.A. this summer. A taste of mango and fruit syrup, to see life on the glossy side.



Miss Dior Chérie L'eau


Miss Dior Chérie L'eau

Eau de toilette

50 ml, 59€

100 ml, 85€

Photos: Tim Walker

Commercial: Sofia Coppola

Light as a feather...



Christian Dior Parfums - New Look Christmas 08







1- Twilight, 5-color palette, 49.77€

2 & 3- Pure Diamonds and Black Sequins, nail polish, 20.95€

Directions: wear smeared, as if the snow had melted on your cheeks tonight.


Dior's New Look for Christmas 08 on http://beauty.dior.com

Dior Fall New Look: Dandy Ladyhighlight

1- Leather Couture for the Eyes, 53€

2- 5-color eyeshadow 673 Earth Tones, 49.77€

3- Long-wearing Nail Lacquer 987 Mystic Violine, 20.95€

4- Creamy Lipgloss 875 Delicious Plum, 24.10€


Dandy Lady New Look Christian Dior Fall 08
Make-up created by Tyen

Available August 11, 08

"Dandy Lady". The name of the new make-up collection by Dior brings to mind silhouettes such as Marlene Dietrich's. Women of the 30's, their dressing room overflowing with men's apparel, who did not care one whit for anybody's judgement and whose sense of elegance relied, as did that of dandy chiefs Brummell or Barbey d'Aurevilly, on a fiercely personal conception of beauty.

It's a collection for beautiful thugs, figures of the night, almost apaches. With its earthy tones and animal skin patterns, it could have adorned Doris Day's face in Calamity Jane (1953), the ambivalent portrait of an engaging, manly female adventurer, a proficient  tracker and a peerless shot, a men's woman who hides a Colt beneath her wedding gown and sings Secret Love to her best friend Katie. A true "dandy lady" of her time.



Fleurs de Diorhighlight

1- Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect, Cotton Petal, $24.50, and Candy Pink nail lacquer, $19

2- Spring Bouquet Eyeshadow, 5 colors : mauve rose sheen, light taupe sheen, shimmering pearl, soft pink sheen, and shimmering silvery bronze, $52

Bloom in Dior collection, Spring/Summer 08
Christian Dior, 30, avenue Montaigne Paris 8°, +33 1 40 73 73 73

Dior's Golden Glow


Diorshow Powder Dreamlight 012, shimmering beige glow, Diorlight Christmas 2007 New Look, 37,28€
Christian Dior
30, avenue Montaigne
Paris 8°
+33 1 40 73 73 73

Dior Homme Intense: Somewhere in the Night



The third episode in the Dior Homme trilogy
Notes of lavender (floral rather than leafy). Then smooth, delicate iris, enhanced by ambrette acting as a musky, fruity hibiscus essence, somewhere between pear liqueur and silk talc. Base notes of Virginia cedar and vetiver.
Eau de parfum spray 50 ml, limited edition, 61,67€

Christian Dior, 30, avenue Montaigne Paris 8°, +33 1 40 73 73 73

Miss Dior Chérie: The Boudoir Plothighlight

Miss Dior Chérie, eau de parfum, 50 ml spray, 81,67€
New bottle with vintage-inspired pink atomizer.
Limited edition.
Notes of green tangerine and strawberry leaves, after a while violette, pink jasmine, caramelized pop-corn, and strawberry sorbet, eventually fresh patchouli and crystalline musk.

Christian Dior
30, avenue Montaigne Paris 8°, +33 1 40 73 73 73

Dior: New Look's Gallant Party








1- Sweet Almond nail polish, 20,46€
2- Rouge Dior Addict Ultra-Shine, Shiniest Softness, 24€
New Look Collection Fall 2007 Christian Dior

That one spends the day on a sofa, lounging about, delightfully relaxed, is not an excuse for sloppiness. Christian Dior's New Look make-up collection adds new, soft colors to the range of rouges and nail polishes: Sugar Cane, English Rose, Chiffon Beige... The perfect weapons for a cajoling seance, clad with make-up only.