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Ambroise Tézenas - The Hutongs of Beijinghighlight
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1- November 2004. The last inhabited house in the razed quarter east of Chongwenmen Neidajie

2- November 2003. An abandoned hutong in a quarter about to be demolished south of Zhusikou Dongdajie

3- October 2003. An inhabited hutong around the Drum tower, Dong Cheung district

4- October 2001. An area partially razed to make way for a large avenue at the crossing of Jinyu Hutong and Donsi Nandajie, east of the Novotel Peace Beijing

5- November 2002. Residential flats on Dongsahuan Beilu, 3rd ring road

6- November 2005. 2nd ring road at the top of Xizhimen

China, China, China, all we hear about is China, especially as the Olympics draw closer. Tibet is focalizing international attention, but the Chinese politics over there are only one facet of a development plan that is changing the inside of the "great red dragon" lightning-quick. Frenchman Ambroise Tézenas took himself to Beijing to photograph the urbanistic transition through which entire neighborhoods of Hutongs, small houses for the working-class, are demolished to make room for large, ultra-modern infrastructures.


Ambroise Tézenas - The Hutongs of Beijing

June 7 through September 28, 08

Kunsthal Rotterdam

Exhibition page on www.kunsthal.nl